Are millennials less racist than previous generations?


We've seen numerous examples and various degrees of young people making written and verbal racist comments on social media recently. We're digging deeper to find out why, and whether the idea that millennials are less racist than previous generations is a myth.

Researchers say millennials are the largest and most diverse generation on the planet. But are they really more accepting of racial and ethnic diversity than their parents and grandparents?

"The conversations about race, which I think could help solve or certainly help us get down the road, in terms of racism, have not, and have never truly been had in his country," says Dr. Daniel Black, an American Studies professor at Clark Atlanta University.

CBS46 poured through a University of Chicago genforward survey of millennial. Part of it found that 48 percent of white millennials agree that discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.

Meanwhile, 70 percent who voted for President Trump agree with that, while 55 percent of white millennials see the Confederate flag as a symbol of southern pride, and 62 percent oppose removing Confederate statues and symbols.

"The previous generation had some level of bias based on race or gender, or what have you, then there's still going to be some that gets passed to the next generation," says Dr. Bryant Marks, a social psychologist at Morehouse College.

Dr. Marks told CBS46 by phone that research backs up the idea that implicit bias and racism are real.

"A high school graduate, a white male with a felony, is more likely to be hired than a black male without one," says Dr. Marks. "Even if you're talking college degrees, a black person with a masters is less likely to be hired than a white male with a bachelors."

Dr. Marks says to try and develop genuine relationships with people from other racial groups, and try to develop a good understanding of their history and culture.

Also, from the study, millennials of all racial backgrounds list racism as one of the three most important problems in our country.

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