ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46)- Argosy University students have been waiting for their financial aid for weeks.

Darryl Minnifield Sr. is one of those students. Minnifield is a veteran who enrolled at Argosy University last May. He is now waiting on $1700 from the university, money he said he was supposed to get back in January.

“Me and my wife, we need this income,” he told CBS46 reporter Ashley Thompson. “I can’t just let it go.”

In January, Argosy University announced it had entered into a federal receivership, meaning a legally appointed receiver is now overseeing university operations including finances.

“No one has received their stipends,” said student Shelly Hampton-Huguley.

Hampton-Huguley is in her third year at Argosy University. She is waiting on more than $2200. She said students count on those federal funds.

“They pay their bills. People are being evicted from their homes. They pay their car notes. They feed their children,” she said.

The school remains accredited and in a letter claims, "unlike bankruptcy where students would no longer be eligible for federal financial aid, in receivership students remain fully eligible for all of their federal financial aid.”

But CBS46 reporter Ashley Thompson called the U.S Department of Education and learned that future federal student aid to Argosy University ended February 27.

“I just want to know what’s going on,” said Minnifield.

Regarding refunds, the Department of Education states, "the receiver is responsible for paying credit balance refunds owed to students. Ed disbursed funds to argosy just before it went into receivership, and ED is awaiting an accounting of how those funds were spent."

CBS46 tried calling and emailing Argosy University and its receivership for answers. We are waiting to hear back.

Some Argosy University students have set up a GoFundMe to raise money they thought they’d get from the university.

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