Mr. Chilton

ELLENWOOD, Ga. (CBS46) -- An armed robber was arrested after being shot by a bread delivery man at a Hardee's in Ellenwood early Saturday morning.

Around 6:30 a.m. at the Hardee’s on Anvilblock Road Mr. Chilton was delivering bread when he noticed employees running out of the back door and a woman screaming for help. The suspect, Parrish Damario Kentrell, had jumped over the counter and pointed a weapon at an employee and demanded cash. Meanwhile, Chilton quickly ran back to his truck and grabbed his firearm. He then headed back into the building to help the distressed employee.

Ellenwood Armed Robbery 3

In a matter of minutes, a short gun battle ensued, allegedly leaving the robbery suspect wounded. Authorities said, Chilton shot Kentrell several times which resulted in Kentrell to escape the restaurant prior to police arriving at the scene.

Kentrell ran off to a house on Jewell Terrance Rd where he was tracked by Clayton County Police and Sheriff’s Deputies. He refused to come surrender and that’s when SWAT was called to the home. Before SWAT arrived, the children who were in the home came out safely, and soon afterward Kentrell came out and surrendered.

Parrish Damario Kentrell

Kentrell was transported to a local hospital where he is being treated for gunshot wounds; he will then be Georgia’s toughest para-military jail.

As for the bread delivery man, Sheriff Victor Hill was so impressed with Chilton’s efforts for “defending those who could not defend themselves” that he made Chilton a Honorary Deputy and inducted him into The Sheriff’s Posse Hall of Fame.

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