Armed guards posted at Central Library after attack

Source: WGCL

When Robb Pitts was growing up, the local library was a station wagon filled with books. That's why renovating the Fulton County Library System has been a personal mission for years.

"Unlike like what most people believe libraries are not dinosaurs are not going away but what's happening is libraries particularly central libraries are becoming like a meeting place in downtown areas that are much more open much more accommodating," said Pitts.

Pitts helped push through the quarter billion dollar capital improvement plan for the county's libraries and after the brutal attack of a guard by a man who had hidden himself after hours at the Central Branch in Atlanta those improvements will take on a new urgency.

"From an architectural point of view, angles that may cause a problem additional security lighting cameras those kinds of things going forward coupled with live," said Pitts.

But in the short term, the safety measures will be more aggressive and more apparent.

"We're bringing on additional personnel specifically an armed guard and an additional guard to work overnight because our security for staff and our patrons that's paramount for us," said Pitts.

That armed guard is now on duty here. Ironically, Pitts was in favor of tearing down the entire building for a completely new library but says the work to re-design and overhaul the current massive structure will make the library much more secure.

"They are going to be safe this is an unfortunate incident we've never had one like this before in my judgment it's probably a one time occurrence it could happen anywhere it does happen anywhere but the fact that we're on top of it we've put the necessary security measures in place we're confident such an incident will never happen again," said Pitts.

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