Louis Wilson fought for our country's freedom but now he's fighting for a decent place to live.

With a mask over his mouth, Wilson gave CBS46 News a tour of his apartment at Eagle's Run in DeKalb County, showing us the black mold covering the walls and mushrooms bursting through the ceiling after a pipe burst.

"It looks like they haven't been changed since the building was built. That's how nasty it was," says Wilson. "Right there (on the ceiling), it looked like blood coming from the ceiling but it wasn't nothing but rusted water."

CBS46 asked Wilson if his place is so disgusting, why not just move? Wilson says he's unable to because of financial issues.

"To be honest with you, it's a financial thing," said Wilson. "I'm on a fixed income while I wait for a VA service connection."

Wilson says apartment management is ignoring his pleas for help. CBS46 knocked on the office door but no one answered. We even saw them shut their blinds on us.

Wilson says the VA is now helping him with housing relocation and legal representation but he still wants to warn other veterans about moving into this complex.

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