COWETA COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- Coweta County Sheriffs have raided three massage parlors in Newnan and arrested nine people in a large prostitution operation.

Deputies raided massage parlors in Newnan after being tipped off that the parlors were being used for prostitution. Asian Therapeutic Massage, Minerva Massage Therapy and Violet Massage workers were charged with prostitution or keeping a place of prostitution.

All businesses are short distances from one another.

The madam of Asian Therapeutic Massage is known to US authorities and was among those charged.

"The madam, so to speak, of the Asian Therapeutic Massage was almost 70-years-old. She is known, she has been arrested for prostitution before also," said the lead investigator with the Coweta County Sheriff's Department.

In the body cam footage one of the people utilizing the services can be heard trying to plead his innocence.

Shop owners in White Oaks Center suspected Asian Therapeutic Massage because of blacked-out windows and a high level of security.

Authorities believe Newnan's vicinity to major roadways as a reason to why the parlors were operating in the area.

Coweta Sheriff's department said the operation is ongoing with at least one parlor believed to be part of a larger network.

"Asian Therapeutic Massage was linked to other massage parlors throughout the United States," said the investigator.

A number of the women charged in the raids did not have proper immigration documents. Homeland Security officer's were present during the raids, but authorities said they do not suspect any human trafficking.

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