ATLANTA (CBS46) -- Vaccine mandates are leading some, who don’t believe in the life-saving shots, to find ways to “cleanse” themselves after being inoculated.

Some anti-vaxxers recently took a “detox" video, from Georgia Dr. Carrie Madej, to mean a person can rid themselves of the COVID-19 vaccine by taking a bath in baking soda, Epsom salts, and Borax.

“One of two cups of baking soda, one or two cups of Epsom salt in there, that’s already a wonderful radiation detox,” Madej is heard saying in the video, which has since been deleted from Tik Tok. “You add in one cup of Borax, you know that laundry detergent, that will take nanotechnology out of you.”

Dr. John Whyte, the chief medical expert at WebMD, said it’s illogical to think that bathing in chemicals might somehow extract COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccines enter human cells and creates spike proteins to fight the virus.

“You can’t undo the vaccine”, Whyte said. “It doesn’t make sense on so many levels. You don’t sweat out antibodies. You don’t cleanse yourself of the immunological response.”

Whyte said even more disturbing is that some people, who are hesitant about the vaccines, are trying more invasive strategies to try to rid it from their bodies.

“People are trying to put needles in their bodies to pull things out or to create some type of cupping on their body, to extract, what they think are toxins from the vaccines,” he explained. “That’s where folks are going to start to cause some harm to themselves.”

He understands how vaccine mandates might make some people feel powerless, but Whyte said the proof is in the science: Covid-19 vaccines work.

“I think people that have this hesitancy about the vaccine, they really want to latch onto anything that’s going to corroborate what they’re thinking,” he added.

On Tuesday, Dr. Carrie Madej released the following statement regarding her video:

For the record- I have never stated that I can detox anyone from the current jabs. The MSM has never contacted me and they are twisting my words to fit their narrative. I give people ideas on how to detox from poisons that we are all exposed to from our environment. The detox was never specific for a jab or vaccine and I have always advised not to take the jabs since they are experimental and no one knows how to detox from them.

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