ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46)  -- I'm one of only three Latinas on TV in the English media market here in Atlanta and I feel it's my duty to talk about the half time show.

I witnessed two empowered Latinas take their power and put it on center stage as they represent our culture. Showing how unique we are as Latinos, but that we can also come together as one.

But some comments and memes floating around on social media just reminds me how ethno and white-centric the American minds can be.

There were so many cultural references in Sunday's show.

Many were missed.

JLo, who is of Puerto Rican descent, wore a reversible cape showing the Puerto Rican and American flags. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, which is still recovering from a devastating hurricane and recent earthquakes.

Her daughter singing "Born in the USA" was a reminder that Puerto Ricans are Americans too.

Then children were shown in cage-like structures.

A subtle message on children who have been kept in detention centers over the past couple of years.

And Shakira, who killed her performance by the way, danced seven genres, played two instruments and sang in two languages.

The weird tongue thing she did? Well, her father's parents were Lebanese immigrants. This gesture is used to express joy in Arabic culture and during Colombian Carnival season.

The "Stomping Dance" she did, it is called Champeta. It's a tribute to Afro-Colombian culture.

In fact, almost all the dancing in the half-time show was a nod to Afro-Latino culture.

Which also makes me sad that some people in minority communities had negative comments.

These are two sisters with beautiful, natural bodies, celebrating their culture. And we should all be proud when any minorities break barriers.

So maybe you thought it was "nasty" or "not family-friendly." But I saw it as pride, a celebration of culture. And I honor these women for that.

Update: The video associated with this story is from Monday, February 4. Since it aired, I learned of the two other Latinas working in the Atlanta's English media market.

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