Atlanta aims to remove title of "sex trafficking capital of the U.S."

Source: WGCL

Over a million children, between the ages of 12 and 14, are sold into sex trafficking operations every year. And with Atlanta, being dubbed the "Sex Trafficking Capital of the U.S.," many of those cases begin right here.

Tuesday at Spelman College, about 100 hundred people got tips on how not to become a victim. The event was sponsored by the Shaun Robinson Foundation.

Toya LaPeyrolerie and her 16 year-old daughter were just two people who had an eye opening experience.

"Oh my God, it's scary. I was under the impression that sex trafficking had a lot to do with the white van pulling up and snatching kids," said LaPeyrolerie. "A lot of statistics will say that Atlanta is a hub and that's because of our interstate nexus and because of our airport. We have the busiest airports. It makes it easy for people to travel back-and-forth plus you have a lot of events that will come to Atlanta."

The GBI says Atlanta's popularity and easy access make it a prime location for human traffickers and the process has now evolved. The trafficker is now targeting children and they're using things like the charm or the promise of a lavish lifestyle to lure them into the business.

It's all information that LaPeyrolerie hopes her 16 year-old daughter will use to protect herself.

"I try to teach my daughter to always be aware of her surroundings know if someone is following you don't respond to everything that someone just throws out at you because it could be a trap," said LaPeyrolerie.

Officials say if you suspect someone is being trafficked or your yourself is a sex traffic victim call the National Sex Trafficking hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

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