The violence in Buckhead continues and a woman, a victim is shaken to her core.

“He stood on my back with 1 foot… with a gun pressed up to the back of my neck the whole time,” says victim Lauren Lenoir.

 Lenoir says she had just parked in her driveway when two men pulled her out of her car, threw her to the ground, and robbed her of her purse.

 “I knew he had no value for me or my life,” said Lenoir.

 Her neighbor's ring camera catching the suspect.

 “I’ve been robbed of that sense of security that I’ve always had,” said Lenoir.

 Lenoir calls it a crime surge.

Deadly shootings, one happening in the Buckhead Kroger parking lot on Piedmont road; another on Sidney Marcus Boulevard where a man and woman in a Rolls Royce shot at multiple times.

 Local Breneka Bell saying the bottom line is this... You must be aware.

 “Be cautious of your surroundings... see if anyone’s following you… see if a car is following you,” said Bell.

 Bell believing the increase in violence could be connected to the pandemic

“Atlanta is the only city that’s technically open." Lenoir never expecting to become a statistic, “I just don’t know how I get back to a place where I can walk my dog without just being paralyzed by fear the whole time,” Lenoir explains.

Lenoir blames limited police resources for the growing crime in Buckhead.

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When was there a shooting at the Piedmont Kroger? Can't find any news on that.

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