ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46)- Electronic scooters are everywhere -- and now --you'll be seeing even more on the streets instead of the sidewalks.

Atlanta City Council approved new regulations for electronic scooters Monday night.

“There are a lot of them at the moment, so they’re kind of all over, so I could see how that would be problematic for people,” said one scooter rider, Ian Ragsdale.

These scooters started appearing in Atlanta last spring -- and they seem to be multiplying!

“I think common sense regulations make sense, too much of anything is probably a bad thing,” added Ragsdale.

Under the new regulations -- motorized scooters will no longer be allowed on sidewalks, only on streets, bike lanes and shared use paths. They will also be officially allowed on the Beltline.

“I think that’s great, people are riding them on the Beltline anyway, it doesn’t seem any more problematic than bikes, and those are all over…anything that gets cars off the streets I’m in favor of,” Ragsdale said.

There will only be one rider allowed per scooter and speed will be capped at 15 miles per hour.

You also will not be able to use your cell phone while riding the scooters.

"I think it’s great to have regulations like that, because obviously there are always going to be pedestrians, people with babies…and this thing can go really fast,” said Sebastian Montiel, another scooter rider.

Scooter companies must pay a $12,000 permit fee for the first 500 scooters in the city.

Each additional scooter in a fleet will be an extra $50.

Riders say these scooters are saving them time and money – so they don’t mind added regulations.

“It saves me probably a half an hour a day, and it does save me money, because sometimes when I was running late I used to take a Lyft or an Uber, and that’s like ten bucks, and this would be two bucks on a scooter,” Ragsdale added.

Some riders say these scooters are great for getting more cars off the roads, but they say riding in the bike lanes and streets makes them concerned for their safety.

Now that the city has passed the plan...the ordinance goes to the Mayor, and it will go into effect as soon as she signs it.

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