ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) Drivers beware, that’s what some people are saying about an area near downtown labeled a “parking trap.”

It looks like a parking spot. Drivers pull up. Park then head to home or work. So, what's the problem? There’s no warning it’s a no parking zone.

“It’s frustrating for everybody who gets a ticket,” Corey Bowman said.

Bowman parks near the corner of Mills and Mcafee daily. He told CBS46 the area has become a parking ticket factory.

“A lot of people getting tickets but they don’t have nothing to say, you can’t park there,” Bowman explained.

Bowman said he’s one of many who’s received a parking ticket in the area. He explained there’s one section that’s particularly tricky with a fire hydrant not where you’d usually expect it. So he’s taken things into his own hands.

“I stopped a lot of people when I was going to work from parking there, I said y’all can get a ticket move your car,” said Bowman.

“That would be a good heads up for someone…” said Cooks, a woman who only wanted to be identified by last name.

Cooks explained she wasn’t lucky enough to get Bowman’s warning. She recently got a ticket in that vary spot. Like many she didn’t see the hydrant.

“Dang, I don’t have this money. You know what I mean? I could be spending that some other place,” Cooks told CBS46 NEWS.

“I didn’t see the hydrant at all,” Tiffany Chen explained.

Chen parked a foot way from the danger zone, but a car parked behind her wasn't so lucky. Chen hopes moving forward the city will make one small change in the area.

“Hopefully it will be marked off so you know no parking or else you’ll get a ticket,” Chen said.

CBS46 reached out to a the city to learn why there is no signage or warning paint in the area. We also asked if/when the city plans to place that signage. We are currently waiting for a response.

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