Charged electric scooter docking station

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – The nation’s first electric scooter charging and docking station has been unveiled in Atlanta.

GetCharged, Inc., which operates under the name Charge, recently secured over 250 charging station locations in Atlanta for dockless e-scooters and e-bikes, with the first opening on Monday at Woodruff Park between Peachtree Street NE and Park Place NE.

Andrew Fox, Charge Co-Founder and CEO said Atlanta represents an ideal and timely market for Charge’s first city installations.

“The city of Atlanta recognizes the issues with dockless systems and is starting to crack down on e-scooter companies, having recently issued more than $100,000 in fines and impound fees, and it is time for the community to have a workable solution that solves these issues and empowers the micro-mobility industry,” Fox said in a press release.

Charge wants to provide a convenient, safe and cost-effective place to store electric vehicles to cut down on the clutter left behind by scooters.

“As the City of Atlanta continues to grow, so has the need for alternative, eco-friendly modes of transportation like e-scooters and e-bikes,” said Andrea Boone, Atlanta City Councilmember and vice-chair of the city’s Public Safety Committee.

But while these innovative transportation solutions are fantastic for many reasons, Boone said they have also cluttered our city streets and sidewalks.

“We would welcome a solution that addresses the safety and aesthetic issues caused by these devices,” she said.

Fox said the issues with e-vehicles piling up in Atlanta creates a “perfect storm” for Charge to provide a solution that will eliminate the significant challenges associated with the dockless model.

“We intend to work with both the City of Atlanta and e-scooter operators to help ensure a flawless and smooth integration, and ultimately establish the model for other cities nationwide to drive the adoption of our revolutionary micro-mobility infrastructure solution,” Fox said.

Charge has also developed a mobile application that will allow customers to easily locate and use e-scooters and e-bikes through interfacing with its docking stations and provide users with available real-time locations.

The app will also be integrated with partnered rideshare platforms to identify available e-vehicles and their level of charge, offering a one-stop-shop for shared mobility services.

The full list of Atlanta locations can be found here.

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