Atlanta native joins class-action lawsuit against Facebook

Source: MGN Online

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress on Tuesday about his company’s privacy policies. Information from about 87 million Facebook users was shared with Cambridge Analytica, a data mining company, and that information was shared without the knowledge of Facebook users.

The issue is sparking several class-action lawsuits, and one man in Atlanta said he’s going to court with the social media giant.

“It’s just kept on and on and on,” Jerry Jackson said.

Jackson is talking about the ads he said he was constantly receiving while on Facebook. Jackson said he feels he is among the millions impacted by the Facebook data breach.

Attorney Chris Chestnut said Jackson and millions of other people may have a viable case.

“This is likely an international class-action suit because you have claims both in America and England thus far,” he said. “I think this class-action suit will involve not only single events where people can file individual lawsuits but also a big pot as well.”

Currently, two lawsuits have been filed against Facebook, with the most recent filed Monday by Hagens, Berman and Shapiro, a class-action suit accusing Facebook of violating privacy and consumer protection laws.

A case that Chestnut supports.

"Facebook either intentionally or negligently sold their personal information unknowing to the Facebook consumer to third parties for profit, so it's not only that they put quote-unquote leaked the information, they sold it. They were paid and that is what I think is going to be the linchpin on their class-action lawsuit."

But Chestnut, who has represented similar suits in the past including a $23 million class-action suit against Big Tobacco, said even if you win, you won’t get rich.

"So in this instance, class-action, individual, you're probably not going to get rich. And even if you're one of the 87 million people, it's not like you're going to get $1 billion. It may even be like $5.35 before it's all over."

But $5 or $5 million, Jackson said he’s not stopping.

"He violated every principle of our sovereignty and our rights and our products by giving them to him to individuals who should not have had it."

If you want to get involved with the class-action suit, you can contact Hagens, Berman and Shapiro HERE.

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