ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- As crime across Atlanta continues to trend upward, Atlanta police chief Rodney Bryant is trying to get a handle on it heading into the summer months.

On Wednesday, Bryant outlined several strategies as part of the department’s summer plan to combat violent crime in the city.

“I believe the summer plan we’re rolling out is very aggressive and that it will really target some of the areas we’re seeing issues,” said Bryant during a press conference.

The department’s summer plan includes restructuring the police department, centralizing the investigation unit, and adjusting administrative positions to supplement day-to-day patrols.

There’s also a strong focus on Atlanta’s youth. Each zone will dedicate at least one officer several days a week to be out in their area engaging with young people. The department will also utilize the its video integration center to monitor spots where teens tend to hangout like Lenox Square.

“When our youth don’t have anything to do, when they are not in school full time, when they don’t have the resources to do something else, they find something else to do and they tend to be the perpetrator of something or the victim of certain crimes,” Bryant said.

Bryant also plans to evaluate security measures at clubs, utilize code more frequently and crack down on businesses operating under the disguise of being a restaurant. Traffic enforcements, restarting the repeat offender program and state and local department partnerships are also imperative to “disrupt street racing and gang violence.”

“This plan specifically goes after violent crime,” Bryant said. “It goes specifically at the nightclubs we’re having problem. It goes at the quality of life issues that the community continue to bring us to concern with.”

Staffing remains an issue for APD. Chief Bryant said they still are trying to fill a backlog of 250 officers.

"We’re doing everything we can to expand the level, our response to violent crime but violent crime cannot be stopped with just police alone," Bryant said. "Additionally, what we have to do is improve our visibility through community policing...and help help communities fight crimes themselves."

The summer plan is effective June through August 28.

To listen to the complete address from Chief Bryant, click on the link below. 

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