ATLANTA (CBS46) — New body camera video shows Atlanta Police chasing down a man wanted for aggravated assault. The man has been identified as Torry Wyche, who was out on bond after being charged with murder.

Wyche is a repeat offender and repeat offenders are reportedly a big problem for the department/ 

“The men and woman of the Atlanta Police Department are very committed to what they are doing but it becomes very discouraging when you find yourself faced with the person you’ve arrested time and time again,” said Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant.

Records show Wyche has been arrested eight times. The last arrest was for aggravated assault while out on bond for the murder charge. He is currently wanted by police for failing to appear in court on the murder charges.

Police say they have been seeing a pattern when it comes to those charged with aggravated assault and murder.

“One, most of the individuals were getting out within a couple of days and the bond was generally low," said Maj. William Ricker of the Atlanta Police Special Enforcement Section. "On average $28,000 was the bond amount, then of course when you talk about being able to pay just 10 percent, that’s a significantly small amount.”

Another man by the name of Rodney Stroud has been arrested over 60 times, in many instances targeting women. Victims said to CBS46 he’s continually allowed to bond himself out.

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Those in the justice system say communication needs improving.

“Many of the different institutions, different agencies and departments really don’t speak well together in identifying repeat offenders,” Chief Bryant said.

Police said they are working on improving that communication from their side with a new repeat offender unit.

“They are able to track repeat offenders so then we can give a better case file over to the DA’s and the courts,” Chief Bryant said.

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