Atlanta restaurant accused of racial discrimination to close

Source: WGCL

An Atlanta restaurant accused of racial discrimination is now closing one of their locations.

We first started getting complaints from customers back in October about the Houston's on Lenox. That's when several Atlanta celebrities including T.I. and Rick Ross got involved and organized a boycott.

A spokesperson said lease negotiations with the owner of the property started almost a year ago. They couldn't come to a long term agreement so they ended it. Coincidentally, the people who were protesting and boycotting promise to shut this restaurant down.

It started with cell phone video posted by Ernestine Johnson. She claimed the restaurant refused to seat her group of seven for no good reason.

Houston’s parent company, Hillstone, told CBS46 “while unfortunate, the demonstrations had no bearing on the decision to close this restaurant” going on to say—it’s a leasing issue.

It was only after head executives from Hillstone had several round table discussions with Johnson, Morrison, their attorney and rapper T.I. They say the company has agreed to change the seating and dress code policies, because they too vague and created a culture of racial discrimination.

CBS46 reporter Brittany Miller asked Morrison and Johnson if management ever admitted that they were wrong. That apology was posted on the restaurant's Instagram page last month saying quote:To any of our guests who felt their past dining experiences fell short of the high standards of hospitality Hillstone strives to maintain, we sincerely apologize.Johnson and Morrison say the restaurant will also include diversity training and more minority vendors. As for this restaurant, it closes on March 31.

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