Atlanta Interim Police Chief Rodney Bryant is enlisting the advice of former police chiefs and senior veteran officers to gather ideas on how to combat rising crime in the city.

CBS46 has recently completed several stories highlighting the increase in violent crimes throughout the city of Atlanta.

On December 31, Atlanta City Council President Felicia A. Moore released a statement detailing the dramatic uptick in crime and she requested the city hire a permanent police chief.

The current interim police chief, Rodney Bryant, was appointed in June 2020 after former Police Chief Erika Shields resigned.

To gather solutions for combating Atlanta’s rising crime trend, Chief Bryant met virtually with his newly created “Kitchen Cabinet”.

The group, composed of experienced police leaders and community advocates, met for the first time on January 8.

A release from the Atlanta police department noted, “These discussions are part of Mayor Bottoms’ One Atlanta Action Plan for Police Reform to help fight crime and reform policing at the Atlanta Police Department”.

The Kitchen Cabinet plans to meet virtually every Friday to analyze crime trends nationwide and locally, and they will brainstorm ways to address use of force, records and information processing, budgeting, communications, crime prevention, and management of criminal investigations.

The cabinet consist of a retired NYPD Commissioner as well as a retired police chief in Camden, NJ.

Current Kitchen Cabinet members include:

Chuck Ramsey, retired Philadelphia PD Commissioner, former Metro Washington DC PD Commissioner

James O'Neill, retired NYPD Commissioner

Scott Thompson, retired chief Camden, NJ

Michael Harrison, Balt PD Commissioner and former NOPD Commissioner

RC White, retired Denver chief, former Metro Wash DC PD Asst Chief

Molly Baldwin, Founder and Director of Roca

Anthony Guglielmi, Public Affairs Director for Fairfax PD (previously communications director in Chicago and Baltimore PD)

Christophen Watler, Chief External Affairs Officer for Center for Employment Opportunities

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