ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) --  We could probably all use a little humor right now. And a staple comedy club in Atlanta is ready to deliver.

Uptown comedy corner is opening it doors to audiences.

But if you plan to head back to a comedy club don’t expect it to look the same as before the pandemic hit. At least not for some time.

A much needed relief for so many, including audiences, business owners and comedians like Doodoo Brown who has been in the business for 28 years.

“I’m glad. I’m happy that they’re open, this is what I do for a living. Like I said 28 years, so I’m happy that ownership feels the way I and a lot of other people feel, let’s get back at it, let’s get to it,” says the veteran comedian.

Uptown Comedy Corner is an iconic club in Atlanta with a long list of celebrity guests. The venue was hit hard by the covid shutdowns.

Astrid in the ATL cameras were there when owner Angelo Sykes was forced to close his doors. Getting back to business for Angelo is a must

“Well I think it got to a point of now or never. You know when do you do it? I think based on the information we’ve gathered since the last conversation we had there’s a lot of businesses that have opened up since then,” said Angelo.

Comedy clubs need audiences to thrive.

“We have a floor manager he has a thermometer in hand and before an employee even walks through the door the first thing he does is take their temperature to make sure everybody is not running a fever. That’s number one. Number two we have to sanitize the entire room prior to the show every single table chair has to be sanitized and then from the staff standpoint everyone has to wear their gloves has to have on a mask,” added Angelo.

To reopen with social distancing requirements Angelo will also trim his seating arrangements from 315 seats to only 100 people.

“We feel like 100 is a good number a good safe number because we want people to come in here and have a good time but not have to keep looking over their shoulder and wondering who’s next to them and that kind of scenario.”

The idea is to stay in business and to keep everybody laughing and safe — from the staff, audience members and comedians.

Angelo Sykes also said that guests of the comedy club will have the option to wear masks if they feel more comfortable, but it will not be a requirement

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