Authorities indict 23 members of "Ghostface Gangsters"

Source: WGCL

Authorities announced a major take-down of accused members of a violent gang that operates from inside prison.

The Ghostface Gangsters are known for violent tactics and targeting law enforcement. Federal agencies announced the indictment of 23 people at a press conference Tuesday.

The Ghostface Gangsters started in the Cobb County Jail 18 years ago and three of its founders are among those now facing federal charges.

"Even though they primarily have been operating inside of a prison their violent and murderous criminal enterprise also operate in our neighborhoods."

They say the gang operates inside and outside prison using contraband cellphones to communicate. The gang originated in 2000 and has since grown to two-thousand members in the georgia prison system.

"During last four years Ghostface Gangster members allegedly shot at a dozen law enforcement officers, in those instances gang members actually shot 5 officers and killed 3."

The Department of Corrections Commissioner says almost 24-percent of inmates are believed to have some gang affiliation. It's an ongoing battle they face especially with contraband cell phones and now they're seeing drones to get contraband to inmates.

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