shut down by FBI

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Federal agencies have seized, a classified website known for listing adult escort services. The site's founders are charged in an alleged scheme to promote prostitution and to launder money.

"It's protecting our children and it's protecting women who are being raped and assaulted daily," said Kasey McClure.

Kasey McClure showed me there are countless other sites out there offering sex.

"Look for a job, find childcare but it also gives you the option to get a female escort," said McClure.

McClure founded 4Sarah, a non-profit that offers outreach to women in the sex industry including trafficking victims.

With Backpage being shut down it's only taking, it's only hitting a little piece of the possibility of saving minors," said McClure.

She says some women do choose to post their ad's themselves but others minors and adults are forced into it.

That's where Eric Pauley comes in. He oversees the FBI Atlanta's violent crimes against children and human trafficking squad.

"There's literally hundreds of these if not thousands of these different websites," said Pauley. "Mobile applications are popping up on a daily basis, it's very challenging for law enforcement to stay current on the trends."

As for the Backpage case, the indictment says the website has helped customers edit their ads so they would encourage prostitution but stay within legal limits.

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