Barron Brantley in Court Take 2 11/22/2019

ATLANTA (CBS46) – Barron Brantley quietly walked into an Atlanta courtroom Friday in handcuffs and a beige jumpsuit as prosecutors detailed the role, he allegedly played in the murder of Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford.

After Brantley took his seat the defense table during the preliminary hearing, the prosecution called Atlanta Police Homicide Detective Michael Young to the stand. Detective Young and the prosecution then began to lay out their case against Brantley.

This is what happened according to Detective Young's Testimony:

The case started on October 26th. On that night, Brantley, his girlfriend, Jordyn Jones, and Crawford were drinking before coming back to the apartment Jones and Crawford shared. Jones told police after she came home, she got sick and woke up about an hour later. When Jones awoke, she told detectives she found Brantley and Crawford in a bathroom. Police said Jones was initially upset with Crawford being alone with her boyfriend.

Jones said Brantley left the area where he and Crawford were and allegedly told Jones, “I didn’t touch her or rape her.” After this, police said Brantley took Jones’ car and she called police to report the car stolen and said she thought something might have happened to her friend.

Part 1 of the pretrial hearing for Barron Brantley, accused of murdering Clark Atlanta student Alexis Crawford

Then, new details about a sexual assault that preceded Crawford’s murder were discussed.

Crawford and Jones called a friend who came to talk to the two and then called 911 to report a sexual assault. Crawford said she had been raped by Brantley and police came back to the home for the 911 call. Crawford was taken to the hospital for a rape kit to be administered. Thursday, during a bond hearing for Jones, prosecutors stated the rape kit had found Brantley’s sperm in Crawford.

Jones came to headquarters voluntarily to speak to them on November 8th. During the initial questioning, Jones told them she didn’t know where Alexis was and the last, she had seen her was on October 30 when they went to a liquor store together. Jones allegedly told police they came back to the shared apartment, she made a hamburger, and went to her room. Police said Jones told them she came out of her room an hour later and found Crawford’s room open and an empty bottle of alcohol on the floor.

Barron Brantley, accused of murdering Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford, appeared in court on 11/22/2019 for a hearing. Here is Part 2.

At this point in the questioning, police presented surveillance video from a parking deck that showed Brantley and Jones allegedly moving her car out of view of the camera and then later leaving the apartment complex at 3:18 a.m. before returning to the apartment around 4:09 a.m. on October 31.

During the investigation, police pulled phone records for Crawford, Jones, and Brantley and found Alexis’ phone had dropped off the network around 2:52 a.m. on October 31 and no further calls were made from her number. Jones allegedly said that she had stayed in her house all night and no one had driven her car.

Jones eventually admitted Brantley was allegedly in the house with Jones and Crawford. According to Jones, she and Alexis got into a fight and Brantley came out of her room and began to choke Alexis. Brantley’s defense attorneys pointed out that Jones had allegedly placed a plastic bag around Crawford’s head while he choked her. During a subsequent questioning with Brantley, he admitted to choking Alexis. Before attempting to get rid of the body; Brantley and Jones cleaned the crime scene, which police believed was in the living room of the apartment. Brantley allegedly told police the Clark Atlanta student was already dead when the two defendants allegedly placed her body into a 45-gallon bin.

During her initial questioning on November 8, Jones, accompanied by her father, took police to the area where she believed the body had been dumped.

Crawford’s body was discovered in Exchange Park in Decatur, Georgia.

During cross examination by Brantley’s attorney Friday, Detective Young said the bin was put at the top of a hill in the park and pushed. When the bin was pushed, it turned over and Crawford’s body fell out of the bin in the park. Crawford’s body was wrapped in a blue blanket, her hands were bound and an unknown white substance, possibly baby powder, was found on the body.

After Crawford’s body was dumped in the park; Brantley and Jones came back to her apartment and went to sleep. Later in the day, the couple attended a Halloween party.

After the testimony and cross-examination of Detective Young, the court found probable cause for Brantley to be sent to Superior Court where he will face charges including: malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault with strangulation, and one count of concealing the death of another.

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