Barrow County Trash 04/16/2019

WINDER, Ga. (CBS46) -- People in Barrow County said their trash has not been picked up in weeks and have now turned to CBS46 to get results on the issue. They said their provider, Republic Services, never consistently pick up their trash or recycling on time.

Lauren Ropp said this has been going on for the past year on her street.

"We have friends and family who all live in Barrow County and they’re all saying, it’s been one week, two weeks, all the way up to eight weeks that their trash hasn’t been picked up." said Ropp. "And the only response we get is, 'oh will be out there as soon as we can.'"

Ropp said the service issues are consistent and continue.

"We’re paying them our hard earned money that we go to work and work hard for and our trash is still here and their response is, 'oh sorry,'” Ropp said.

Republic Services sent CBS46 the following statement:

Republic Services takes great pride in serving our customers. We are working to address recent service delays in the Statham area, and we apologize for any inconvenience that our customers may have experienced. We will work with customers individually to rectify matters, as needed.

Ropp said she has heard that before.

“It’s not what I want my kids to be around because it's a health concern," Ropp lamented.

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(4) comments


Whoever is managing the area servicing Winder and Auburn is completely mismanaging the operation. They don't bother with correcting missed pickups and continually make promises they don't keep. I've dumped them and signed up with WhiteOak Sanitation. Now I just want them to get the missed trash from the last two weeks (missed) so I can return their can.


After 12 years with Republic, we cancelled service with them and switched to White Oak.

We live just a mile or so from their Winder center on Patrick Mill Road at Matthews School Road.

Their words make it seem that the problem is confined to the Statham area. But we live on the Auburn side of Winder, and they skipped our entire street multiple times. After multiple contacts with out of state corporate costumer service, the local office admitted to staffing problems with a major driver shortage that the customer service was unaware of, and that it was forcing them to skip routes, sometimes multiple weeks in a row.


Republic missed picking up our trash and recycling from January- March. I called every single week and was continuously told they would get out the next day to pick it up, they never showed. Finally at the beginning of April after getting a bill for triple our regular price, I called and cancelled the service. Wouldn’t you know they showed up the next day to collect the trash and the cans! They still haven’t credited my account for the $188 that’s as charged but service was not provided and now they are trying to charge me $66 to pick up the cans!! I’m infuriated and will never recommend them to anyone!


I cancelled my service last December. They were constantly late or didn’t come at all, then they had the nerve to raise my rates. Not long after I cancelled, they sent me a bill for $66 for picking up the trash cans! Are you kidding me? They breached their contract with me and owe me money! I’ve spoken with them multiple times and they always act like jerks and tell me I have to pay it. I refuse to pay it and will gladly see them in court! As a matter of fact, I might just get my attorney to file a class action suit against them!

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