Six campaign staffers working on Tulsa rally test positive for coronavirus

The Trump campaign confirmed six staffers working on the Tulsa rally tested positive for coronavirus. In this photo, President Donald Trump speaks during an event announcing the Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End a National Tragedy of Suicide (PREVENTS) Task Force in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, June 17, 2020.

WASHINGTON (CBS46) -- New poll numbers from battleground states continue to paint an increasingly dire picture for the re-election chances of President Donald Trump.

The latest numbers come from registered voters in battleground states won by President Trump in 2016. According to the New York Times/Siena College poll, Mr. Trump is behind in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona and North Carolina by anywhere from six points (Florida) to 11 points (Michigan and Wisconsin). He carried all of those states by between less than one percent to four percent during the 2016 election.

Perhaps most troubling for Trump is he's losing ground among every demographic group in the poll, including non-college educated White voters. Likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden has cut into Trump's lead in that category by eight points and leads among every age group except for voters 45-64, the NY Times/Siena poll found.

Looking at the traditional battleground states show registered voters now favor Trump's opponent, likely Democratic nominee Vice President Joe Biden. While Biden only crosses 50 percent in one battleground state, Pennsylvania, his lead is significant enough to provide him a resounding victory over Trump if the election were held today.

According to the Times poll, Biden would win the presidency with at least 333 electoral college votes if he won all six of the states polled and held the states won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Looking at the current polling averages from Nate Silver's website shows Biden with a lead ranging from seven points in Florida to nine point seven points in Michigan. Biden has also pulled into a 1.3 point lead in Georgia, according to Sillver's averages.

There's more than 130 days to go until November 3rd and these polls are only snapshots of the electorate today and not forecasts of what will happen on Election Day.

Still, with the countdown on until November 3rd, the chances of President Donald Trump winning re-election continue to dwindle with each new poll that is released.

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