MARIETTA, Ga. (CBS46) It’s a heartwarming story that started 35 years ago.

“I got into it [postal worker] in '81,'" said Floyd Martin. "I was looking for a job, they had the test offered and I took the test, and 35 years later I’m retiring.”

What’s different about Floyd’s story is the relationship’s he built up with the people on his route he calls family.

“I remember all of them, you know, we were friends. It was more than mailman customer, it was mailman friend. I was part of their family, we had a connection, we knew each other for so long, I watched their kids grow up.”

Now Floyd has finally called time on his delivery days, and the community who know him so well wanted to show their appreciation to a dear friend.

“They all decorated their mailboxes for me, sending me off [with] farewell messages, and it was beautiful. We had food. Three-hundred people were at the party, it was amazing, they showed their love and I felt their love.”

But the community’s effort hasn’t stopped there. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Floyd realize his retirement dream, Hawaii.

“I didn’t know about that until this morning and every time I look at it it’s larger, I’m like wow.”

So even though his 35-year mail run has ended, the relationships will last forever.

“We had a bond, we were like friends, so I have to go through and say hi and check on them and visit everybody cause I miss them. They were why I went to work you know, they were my people.”

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