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Now that cooler weather is here, it’s time to give your air conditioner a break.

Unless it’s already broken. Over the summer Better Call Harry learned that thousands of systems were prematurely breaking down.

There is a class action settlement, but are you willing to go through the trouble?

Tony Seaman wrote a funny little jingle about Lennox air conditioners.

“My Lennox air conditioner had a coil that failed. Now my Lennox system, it done blow away, blown away.”

Seaman and his wife retired to Sun City, a lovely senior community in Griffin where the homes are new and the air conditioners are breaking.

Do you know about the Lennox class action settlement, Thomas v. Lennox Industries? If you have a Lennox manufactured between 2007 and 2015, you may qualify for a new evaporator coil and up to $550 for labor.

Seaman and his neighbors learned about the settlement through their homeowner’s association. Getting the coil was easy, but to get the $550, he had to jump through hoops.

“We’ve jumped through hoops, probably six different hoops over one year,” said Seaman.

First, the hotline number you’re told to call isn’t a hotline; it’s a recording. The kind that drives you nuts.

Even so, Seaman was willing to do the legwork. He filled out the forms, sent in pictures. But it was never enough.

One of Seaman’s neighbors filed a claim more than a year ago. He’s still waiting.

To be fair to the Lennox people, they don’t handle the claims. We called the attorney who filed the lawsuit, and the good news is he agreed to help Seaman. The bad news is he’s only eligible for a $75 voucher.

To get the $550 for labor, your system has to break down twice. That’s why we recommend getting more than one quote for the repair, and talk to your repair guy about replacing that copper coil with aluminum. All of the information regarding the lawsuit can be found here:

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