Big investment dollars flow into Douglas County

Source: WGCL

Heavy machinery is hard at work in Douglas County. It's laying the ground work for billions of investment dollars from companies coming to the area.

"Last year in data centers alone we had north of 3.3 billion dollars of investment announced for Douglas county," said Chris Pumphrey.

Chris Pumprhey is the Executive Director of the Douglas County Economic Development Authority. He explains what has been so appealing about Douglas County.

"You've got to be able to have high speed dark fiber to be able to serve these industries. We have that. We've actually invested in that in a means to recruit these companies," said Pumphrey.

Companies that move the county in a high-tech direction.

"They will be storing and moving data all across the globe from right here in Douglas," said Pumphrey.

Pumprhey's smaller local businesses could also benefit by having new clients to do business with. These data centers also create skilled jobs.

"It just creates the ecosystem to where we have continued economic growth and diversity in our growth going forward," said Pumphrey. "A lot of HVAC work is done inside facilities, a lot of software engineers are responsible for being in there and lot of security that goes along."

It's not all businesses that will benefit here. Pumphrey says these investment dollars help every person living in Douglas County.

"When these larger businesses especially come in they pay significant amount of property taxes and other taxes in the community and that lessens the burden on the residents to have to pay for goods and services, goods and the services of a local government," said Pumphrey.

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