Black Panther boosts sales at African clothing boutiques

Source: WGCL

Alexandria Alli And her mom own two studios inside an African boutique in Dekalb County. Alli's mom is a designer. She runs Studio One Afrique. Alli is the founder of F&W Style, a luxury handbag brand.

The duo have been in business for years but recently have seen a spike in sales because of the movie Black Panther.

“They call and they're like’ I'm going to the Black Panther movie, do you have something I can wear?’”

Alli says lately, people are more interested in wearing African attire.

“Somebody was actually here a couple days ago and she was like ‘I want to buy a head wrap and can you tie it for me?’”

The economic impact of the movie isn't lost on the Dekalb County Chamber of Commerce. Just yesterday, more than 700 students saw the movie in Tucker.

“Out of that 30 thousand dollars, a significant portion went to dekalb businesses,” said Dekalb County Chamber of Commerce CEO Katerina Taylor. “The movie theater itself, local restaurants, local African style shops.”

And African clothing is now reaching Hollywood. Just days ago, movie star Gabrielle Union rocked two of Alli's handbags during the NBA's all-star weekend.

"Cultures are starting to intertwine and people don't feel like certain things are for certain people,” Alli said. “It helps because people are learning more about the culture.”


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