(KMGH/CNN/Meredith) -- It's a shockingly violent body camera video -- in a matter of seconds, an off-duty Denver police officer working security at a downtown bar loses his temper and knocks a handcuffed man unconscious.

It happened last year, but the video was just released.

Cpl. Michael Oestmann is facing consequences for his actions but will remain on the force.

Investigators said after a fight broke out at Jackson’s, a sports bar in downtown Denver, the officer handcuffed Kevin Watson and put him in a chair in the basement. That’s when things escalated.

Watson is shown berating the officer for several minutes and even spits in his face.

Then, Oestmann is seen charging at Watson, kneeing him in the face and then punching him, which shoves Watson’s head against a locker. Watson is knocked unconscious.

“You will not spit on me again! Do you understand me?” the officer can be heard yelling.

According to the district attorney’s office, as part of a plea deal, Oestmann will not serve any jail time. Instead, he will receive a deferred sentence and will take anger management classes.

Oestmann’s guilty plea will be reduced to a misdemeanor menacing charge in one year if he follows court orders.

Oestmann is currently on desk clerk duties while the Denver Police Department conducts an internal investigation.

Oestmann has 18 citizen and internal complaints in his 14 years on the force. Those include several inappropriate force complaints and a mistreatment of prisoners complaint, all of which were eventually dismissed.

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