ATLANTA, GA (CBS46) People around the country are trying to decide if R.Kelly was truthful in his interview with Gayle King.

In the his first television interview after more sexual allegations have surfaced, we saw outbursts and calm moments. So which were more telling?

“I’m very tired of all the lies,” R. Kelly said.

Social media is flooded with tweets and posts after that explosive interview. Facing 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse against women, R. Kelly has finally broken his silence.

“Hand cuffing people, starving people. I have a harem, um a what you call it, a cult. I don’t even really know what a cult is, but I know I don’t have one,” said Kelly of the 'lies' being spread about him.

The big question everyone is asking is was Kelly lying? To help find those answers we decided to speak to Bob Bettler. He has a PhD in psychology, he also has 20 years of experience reading juries. It’s his job to know body language.

“Beyond just the body movements or lack there of you can listen for tone,” said Bob Bettler.

Bettler said that’s one of many signs he looks for in deciding if someone is lying or telling the truth. He watched today’s R. Kelly interview and compared it to past interviews of Kelly to look for signs of dishonesty.

We asked him what he thought of Kelly’s big emotional outburst.

“That was very extreme which suggests, doesn’t prove, but it suggest that it was well rehearsed,” he explained.

Could there be any other telling signs?

“At one point he pretty clearly deflected. Remember there is a part where he says what about all these other poor girls who are sex salves or whatever. HE deflected. That also is not conclusive proof, but it is a tell. It does raise the suspicion,” said Bettler.

He explained Kelly was also fidgety and moved his feet often. A sign of nerves and an attempt to control the situation. In the end Bettler said he won’t say if Kelly was lying or not. Only that he saw some troubling signs.

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