Natalie White

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Norcross Police have released bodycam of a domestic incident involving Natalie White just two months before she was arrested as the suspected Wendy's arsonist.

On April 29 White was accused of violently acting out towards two friends from high school while hanging out at a residence in 700 block of North Peachtree Street.

White had arrived at the residence with her friend Jordan Yost when the duo, along with friend Forrest Garrett, began drinking, playing ping pong and reminiscing about past times, according to the police report.

At some point White became emotional and began acting out with rage-like behavior including throwing items, striking Garrett, throwing bottles of alcohol into the stove, breaking glass bottles on kitchen appliances, and punching a glass window on the garage door.

When police arrived White was found standing in the driveway with a bloodied hand.

Officers spoke with the two friends who both allege White had lost control. Both stated that they were concerned about her mental state. Garrett also insisted on not pressing charges against White for the damage she'd caused to his home, or for striking him.

An emotional White spoke with officers who said they were able to smell alcohol on her breath. During her conversation with police, White alleges that at one point Garrett was her boyfriend.

"I came here to talk, we were suppose to have a conversation [about] our relationship. You know, just domestic f--king dispute that go on every f--king day," said White as she explained why she was at Garrett's residence.

She goes on to state that police were on her lawn in 2016 for a similar incidence.

"I deal with people like this all the time ... and then they call the cops," she continued. "Dude this has not been the night to be questioned about s--t. I know what you're getting at but I don't know, I'm not the one, I left."

Her only concern was ensuring she could get her vehicle home. Despite the laceration to her hand she refused to be transported to a medical center for treatment.

"I just, I'm not leaving my f--king car here," said a then hysterical White to police. "I'm not going to get towed. I am not drunk. I would rather go to Gwinnett County Jail than be subjected to this," she added through tears.

The report goes on to state that an officer provided White a courtesy ride home without incident. White's interaction highlights a stark difference in the treatment Rayshard Brooks received before being fatally shot on June 12 at the Wendy's on University Avenue.

Though he was compliant in talking with officers and participated in several field sobriety tests, he was never offered a ride home; not even when he suggested leaving his car in the parking lot and walking home.

Learning that bodycam of the April incident had been released, White's attorney sent CBS46 the following statement:

"While we firmly believe that this incident bears no relevance to the charge against Ms. White, it does seem important to mention the contrast Ms. White must have noticed when after having a recent interaction with law enforcement at the end of which she was given the courtesy of being driven home and then watching a video of a close friend’s death who was never offered that same courtesy."

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