BUCKHEAD, Ga. (CBS46) One day after CBS46 exposed the questionable practices of a Buckhead booting business, a former employee of Castle Parking Solutions is speaking out.

“You get more and more and more money by putting on more and more boots,” a former Castle Parking Solutions Employee said.

The former booting employee did not want to be identified, but said upper management in the company is not overly concerned about their ‘F’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

“They don’t care, the owners don’t care. Brian Wasson, Michael McArthur and Mark Sparkman they don’t care. That’s why they try to get people not to do credit cards for the charge backs because they get charged fees for every time they get a charge back,” said the former Castle Parking Solutions Employee.

I began my investigation into the company after getting the boot myself. I informed Castle Parking Solutions, at the time of the incident, that I paid at the machine and I had video to prove it.

Castle Parking Solutions informed me the machine was not working and that I should have paid with a parking app. Keep in mind, there was no sign anywhere that indicated the parking meter was out of order, so I asked why they hadn’t fixed the parking machine.

“I’m not sure. We don’t have no control over that,” said the Castle Parking Solutions employee.

But it appears they do have control over how many cars they boot. The former employee told CBS46 that at one point employees were offered a $350 bonus for booting at least 70-cars every two weeks.

“They don’t wear uniforms generally, they don’t put magnets on their cars like they’re supposed to, they’ll be sitting in lots and you don’t know who they are, and they’ll pop out and put a boot on your car and walk away.” 

I contacted the owners of the company on Friday and they did not return my calls. That said, I did receive a call from an attorney representing Castle Parking Solutions. I was told they would investigate my booting incident and that it did sound improper. As for all the other complaints, they wouldn't discuss them on camera.

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