DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46)- Day by day, Dominique Sita notices subtle changes at the Brannon Hill condos in Clarkston.

“Most of the population living here are refugees. Some of the people are foreigners. So, we don’t know what to do,” Sita said.

Sita has lived in Brannon Hill for the past 10 years, surrounded by blight and poverty.

“I see some people and families that are sleeping outside in some of these abandoned buildings,” Sita said.

In an effort to improve the area, DeKalb County officials secured these abandoned buildings and announced they will demolish them later this month.

“Recently we had a death at Brannon Hill, where in one of the buildings where we have a final order on, someone actually got killed because there was a squatter in one of the buildings,” DeKalb County Community Development Director Allen Mitchell.

The county intends to tear down 56 condo units at the complex, but Sita said that’s not necessarily a good thing.

“A couple of months ago they put us in a hotel. They gave us a hotel for a couple of weeks and they just stopped after that and start telling people to go to homeless shelters,” Sita said.

“When we go over there to demo we also pass out flyers to encourage people to get involved in our coordinated entry to be able to be assessed for housing. We’d love to relocate everyone in Brannon Hill to a place that we could put them in to live,” Mitchell said.

While progress has been made here, there is still a significant amount of blight that needs to be eliminated.        

"If there is a voice to see out and come help us out over here they would be more than welcome,” Sita said.

It’s a work in progress out here. The county told CBS46 reporter Adam Murphy they have already spent more than $230,000 to clean up.

There is still a lot of trash and debris that needs to be removed so it will cost them a pretty penny before it’s all said and done. 

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