COBB COUNTY, Ga. (CBS46) -- The braves are now out of the playoffs and fans aren’t happy about it.

The energy was electric at SunTrust Park Wednesday afternoon as the Braves took on the Cardinals. Fans were smiling, pumped up for the win or go home grudge match. Well, that was before the first pitch.

“It was great, it was really great right up to the first inning it was super. A lot of energy and after the first inning it kind of died,” Robert Gates said.

Died is a good way to put it. Let’s just say the ball park somehow turned near silent after the Cardinals put up 10 in the first inning.

“I’ve never seen a 10 spot hung in the first inning. It was a bit of a shocker,” Gates told CBS46.

That was right about the time a few fans started to leave, well more like a few thousand. One person was trying to find a way in.

“I flew from London all the way here to Atlanta,” Mariam Mourd explained.

CBS46 found Mariam Mourd trying to buy a ticket to see her first ever good ol' American baseball game. 

“The score is not really ... I think the Braves are not top for today,” said Mourd.

Though the home team lost with a final score of 1-13, all hope is not lost.

“We got opening day April 3 so we’re looking for that. So 2020 there’s always hope for next year,” said Gates.

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