Broken speed sign poses threat to community

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (CBS46) -- About two months ago, an unknown driver lost control and ran over Bern Sawyer’s mailbox and the speed limit sign out front of his home.

He says despite his calls to the city, no one has replaced the sign. He says and what’s left of it is dangerous. 

“It’s dangerous, kids walk by here on their way to school, and if they happen to run into it, they’d be shish kabobs,” Sawyer said. 

Sawyer came out to check his mail about two months ago, and his mailbox and the speed limit sign in front of his house were both damaged on the ground.

“It was run over, the speed limit sign was on the ground, and the pole was broken in half,” added Sawyer. “There were pieces of the car on the ground with the mailbox and the speed limit sign.” 

So, he reached out to the city of Stone Mountain for help. 

“First I called the city clerk of Stone Mountain, and she put me in touch with the Public Works Director,” said Sawyer. “They said that DeKalb County would take care of the actual replacement of the sign.” 

But according to the city of Stone Mountain's website, maintenance of traffic signs is listed as the county's responsibility. DeDalb County confirmed this as well. 

“They did come out and put a traffic cone on it because I mentioned it was dangerous and I couldn’t pull it out of the ground,” Sawyer added.

So, after months of no response, Sawyer contacted CBS46. 

“I figured if they hadn’t done anything in two months I’d try a different approach,” Sawyer said. 

CBS46’s Melissa Stern contacted the city of Stone Mountain but got no response. But a few hours after interviewing Sawyer, she got a text message from him reading, “The piece of the metal pole is gone. Yay! Half the job is done…”

Someone from the city came out to remove it. “Just to make sure nobody gets hurt,” said Sawyer. 

Now, he’s hoping the city replaces the sign sooner rather than later, so people know the speed limit in the neighborhood that is full of children. 

We’ll be following up.

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