Atlanta, GA (CBS46) The least-expensive way for you to see Super Bowl LIII is to watch it on CBS46, but for those of you who want to see it in person, ticket prices are getting cheaper.

Right now is probably the time to buy, according to the guys over at Empire Tickets.

Martin Spatt, the head of sales, says now is the best time to buy tickets, which currently range in price from $3,000 to $13,000 thousand with an average price of $5,000.

"Ticket sales have been great. Ticket sales are always great if there's a constant to it," says Spatt. “I think they are where they're supposed to be, to be honest with you. The way it starts is the market's artificially, for lack of better term, high going into championship weekend."

Spatt tells CBS46 now through the next few days is the bottom of the market. Then the price settles and closer to the big day, they'll start going back up.

"We're dealing with New England and we're dealing with Los Angeles. That's flights and hotels, so it takes a little bit longer to book their trip."

According to Spatt, who is part of National Association of Ticket Brokers, the prices right now are also low because New England fans are seasoned veterans.

"They know what they're doing and how to work it and they'll wait to book their rooms and they'll wait to book their flights and you obviously don't buy tickets until you book your room and book your flight," says Spatt.

And because Los Angeles Rams fans are a bit newer to this….

"They've only been around for two years so you have an artificial fan base who hasn't really taken to their team who need to fly across the country to an event they didn't think they'd be in," said Spatt.

Right now, Spatt says it’s hard to tell just how many Super Bowl tickets are left. But get them now if you want them because the price will go back up closer to the big game.

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