Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones, 30, is charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery and cruelty to children in the first degree. 

BROOKHAVEN, Ga. (CBS46) — A judge denied bond Friday for a man accused of stabbing a pregnant woman on the Peachtree Creek Greenway on June 5, citing the nature of the alleged crime and previous criminal history.

"Based on the facts and circumstances, as well as his criminal history and being out on bond on two charges -- one of which is arguably a violent charge, I do find that he is a risk to the community," DeKalb County Magistrate Judge Abbi S. Taylor said.

Christopher Jones, 30, was taken into custody Thursday morning near the Arts Center MARTA station. He is charged with aggravated assault with intent to murder, aggravated battery and cruelty to children in the first degree. 

Police said a pregnant woman was walking along the Peachtree Creek Greenway with her three-year-old child around 5:30 p.m. when the suspect tried to start a conversation with her. As she walked away, the suspect allegedly stabbed the woman in the back, then stabbed her in her stomach and on her forearm.

"It just seems completely unprovoked and one of those questions that we’ll be asking why forever," said the woman's partner and father of her children, named Steven.

He and his partner are both international school teachers who met in Brazil. They were preparing to welcome their second child in September. The baby boy was born via emergency c-section after the attack. They will have a long road ahead.

"One hundred days in the NICU so I’m going to be there every day," said Steven.

Their three-year-old son was not injured when his mother was stabbed.

"I’m so thankful that he’s here and he’s still alive and honestly I’m sorry for the man who did this because obviously he didn’t have that same love in his life," said Steven.

He said the victim has had several surgeries for her injuries on top of recovering from the c-section. She is expected to be released from the hospital Saturday. Steven is grateful for all of the support they've been getting from the community.

"This is one of those acts I’m never going to be able to stop saying thank you for and the love you’ve been able to share," he said.

Police said Thursday they believe mental illness played a role in the case and confirmed Jones is homeless. 

Brookhaven Stabbing

Image pulled from footage taken from city-owned surveillance cameras along the Peachtree Creek Greenway.

During his first court appearance Friday the public defender representing Jones said he works at a grocery store as a stocker and lived in Georgia for twelve years. 

The prosecutor said Jones has been arrested at least a dozen times.

Police tracked down Jones after a tip came in after his picture from a city-owned surveillance camera was shared with the public. On Tuesday, investigators said they received a partial name from a tipster. Thursday  morning, investigators learned that Jones could be in the area of the Arts Center MARTA station, where he was later arrested. 

Police said additional charges could be filed.




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