BUFORD, Ga. (CBS46) -- Buford High School is the size of a college campus and according to faculty and staff, no matter the size safety is always their number one priority.

All of the schools in the county are being equipped with key card entry, cameras and mandatory lock door system.

School Resource Office Chief of Police Mindy Bayreuther says, “we want to make sure that the person that is checking and it has a valid driver’s license and that they are here they are the right person. Our principal Mr. Allen is really big on our administrators being active and involved." 

Each of the classrooms have an emergency button where they can alert administration in a hostile situation.

Director of Communications Kerri Leland says with their Department of Education Safety and Security grant they are working to create an emergency flip book that shows steps to take in violent situations. They will also add additional barricades and traffic cones to control traffic patterns.

Special education teacher Maggie Bruitt says this makes her feel at ease.

“It’s one of those things in this day and time we can’t act like we don’t need to be prepared for unfortunately.”

The Sandy Hook campaign seen worldwide has Buford High student “Timi” Oluwatimilehin Olawole at a loss for words.

“Shows how it affects the kids in the schools and how frightening it can be,” he said.

Leland feels that it is important kids have someone to talk to.

“We do have guidance counselors for every grade level so that when things arrive like that there’s always someone available for them,” added Leland.

Though colors wars are apart of homecoming week, the school does also have a dress code that is strictly enforced.

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