This image provided by Olivia Oxley shows a wheelbarrow filled with pennies, March 20, 2021 in Fayetteville, Ga. A Georgia man said his former employer owed him a pretty penny, $915 to be exact, after leaving his job in November. But Andreas Flaten said he was shocked to see his final payment: 90,000 oil or grease covered pennies, at the end of his driveway earlier this month, news outlets reported. Atop the pile was an envelope with Flaten's final paystub and an explicit parting message. (Olivia Oxley via AP)

Miles Barber is a father of a four-month-old baby girl, the owner of a new business called Barber Autocare; however, he’s not the only automotive business owner named Miles in Peachtree City, unfortunately sharing his name with another automotive business owner with a recently bad reputation.

“The previous tenant here also goes by Miles, Miles Walker,” Barber explained.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because that Miles is now known nationwide for paying a former employee's last check in over 90,000 oily pennies. That Miles is also the owner of A Ok Walker Autoworks, and previously owned a second business at the location of Miles Barber’s new business.

The backlash against Walker's actions has incorrectly made its way into Barber's life and business. As a result, Miles Barber is now receiving nasty messages from people nationwide, who are angry at Miles Walker. Barber’s budding business is receiving all one star reviews from people who aren’t even his customers.

“Their big one is, 'how do you pay your employees in pennies?' And, I just kind of say like, I don’t pay any employees in pennies, I don’t have any employees, right now it’s just me,” Miles Barber explained. “His old Facebook still has this address linked to it, and his Yellow Pages still has this address, and I think his Yelp, and people are thinking he changed the name of the business to kind of divert some pressure off of him.”

The situation goes beyond just bad reviews, with some people even sending rude mail to Barber's business address.

“I got a package in the mail that just said Miles on it. I opened it up and it said 'congratulations, you’ve earned it.' So, I opened the box up, and it said eat a d***, and it was a chocolate d*** in the box,” Barber explained.

Now Barber is hoping this story will end all the confusion as soon as possible.

“You know, I spent all this money, all this time, and really put my heart in it, and as soon as it starts to get up off the ground it’s like boom,” Barber said.

He’s now asking everyone to do a little research before you comment on or rate his business.

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