Businesses could be held responsible if you slip, fall on icy sidewalk

Source: WGCL

The deep freeze and the snow left more than just streets and roads covered in ice. So are sidewalks around metro Atlanta, and one wrong step could lead to a bad bruise or worse.

"You got nothing," said Jonathan Gaul. "No traction or anything."

Across metro Atlanta people are avoiding mother nature's mess. Jonathan Gaul spent much of his morning dodging the sludge leftover from the recent snow storm.

"I mostly just spend my time looking ahead to see is there a big a big patch of ice," said Gaul. "It certainly feels dangerous.

That's why workers at Joe's on Juniper in midtown are taking matters into their own hands. Employees are breaking up ice in the parking lot and clearing out a safe space for their customers.

"We don't want anybody come visiting us to feel unsafe," said Ben Hellekson. "Spreading salt so we don't slide. Falling down is scary and nobody wants to fall down."

Walking on snow and ice is slippery and it could be downright dangerous. That's why local lawyers say if businesses don't properly clean it up they could be held legally responsible if you injure yourself on it.

"Every business is going to have to use reasonable degree of care," said Attorney Rob Schenk.

Attorney Rob Schenk says slip and fall cases are tough to prove but they can easily be a business killer.

"Every business has a responsibility to make their premise safe for people coming in and out of their shops," said Schenk.

Schenk says the less a business does to warn people about ice the more likely they'll be successfully sued if someone slips on it.

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