Vote is made official in Atlanta mayor's race: Bottoms wins

Keisha Lance Bottoms

A lot of things are happening behind the scenes in the Atlanta mayor's race. Fundraisers, staff changes, public appearances, and of course, trying to shore up endorsements from the candidates who didn't make the runoff.

CBS46 talked with candidate Keisha Lance Bottoms for the first in a series of in-depth conversations.

For Bottoms, winning against an unprecedented crowd of qualified candidates for mayor was a herculean task, but beating Mary Norwood will be just as hard.

"Atlanta needs a mayor who understand every part of this city, and who does for every part of this city in a real way," says Bottoms. "That's not just about wearing out soles of shoes, that's about caring about the souls of people, and actually doing the work that makes a difference."

Bottoms says Norwood is playing dirty, trying nonstop to link her to the corruption scandal that hit City Hall, despite the fact that Norwood herself sits on the council as well.

"I think it's a narrative that my opponent has tried to create in terms of who's corrupt and who's not inside City Hall," says Bottoms. "The reality is I have a nearly 24-year professional career that's been completely blemish-free from any ethics violations or ethics accusations of corruption, so that will not change."

Bottoms returned campaign money from a vendor that was targeted in the FBI investigation, and says she can't stop people from investing in her campaign, especially if they want to back a winner.

"I think when you have contractors and business people who are smart business people, who are by-and-large ethical business people, who do business, not just in Atlanta, they do business across the nation, and across the world -- they're looking at polls just as voters are," says Bottoms.

When it comes to endorsements, the big question is who's going to bend the knee? The candidates who can give the endorsements, or the candidates who need the endorsement?

Cathy Woolard, who came in third, is hosting her own public forum with Bottoms and Norwood to help her decide, which will take place on Nov. 28 at the Carter Center.

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