Canton, Ga. (CBS46) — A Canton woman is finding a bright light in her struggle with cancer. 

Heather Iverson says she was practically born a Braves fan and the news of them in the World Series is what she really needed.

CBS 46's Emily Gagnon interviewed a tearful Iverson Saturday night after their NLCS win.

Wednesday, we sat down with her again to learn more about her story. "I was probably introduced by my father I'm going to say I was three, four years old. We started watching games together and it just, you know some things catch," she told us at her Canton home. "Braves fever caught."
Although she thinks the term is cheesy, she's admittedly a Braves super-fan. "I go through braves hats like no tomorrow."
A mother to three kids, Iverson says the Braves also hold a special part of her relationships with them, too. "For 26 years now, we have celebrated Mother's Day with the Braves organization whether it be the Atlanta Braves or the Rome Braves."
It's a love for baseball which is helping her navigate a showdown of her own. "2020 was a hard year for everyone and it hit us a little harder than expected. In August, I was diagnosed with breast cancer."
Rounds of chemo and radiation left her exhausted, spending most of her time inactive. "I would just sit in a chair," she told us. "Radiation kicked my butt."
However, as the months went by, she started feeling better, leading her to Saturday night at Truist Park, watching her favorite team while on her own two feet.
"We went, we had standing room only, didn't think we'd be able to really enjoy it as much as if we had a seat. We were wrong. It was fantastic," she said. "It's probably... probably a little bit why I was so emotional. It's been a heck of a year. It was just a release of here's some good news, this is great, and we're going to celebrate it."
Iverson says doctors haven't officially cleared her as "cancer free," but she says she feels good and a Braves winning streak is giving her even more energy to keep on fighting. 
When asked if she thinks the Braves will win the World Series, she said, "I'm going to claim it. I'm saying it. We're going to do it."

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