Canton woman spends over $100,000 to save Norman the Scooter Dog


What would you do to save the life of your dog?

One woman in Canton will stop at nothing, and now she's facing a vet bill topping $100,000. After finding out her dog had cancer, she took him across the country for a bone marrow transplant.

Norman can ride a bike, but the 8-year-old Briard French sheepdog is best known for riding his scooter. CBS46 was there in Marietta four years ago when Norman set a world record traveling about 100 feet in 20 seconds on his scooter.

Today Norman looks a lot different. His hair is shaved and his signature energy is gone.

“He used to have a shaggy coat but with all the chemo and radiation he’s gone through, he lost it,” explained his owner Karen Cobb.

He didn't even get out of his crate outside Harmony Animal Hospital in Canton. Veterinarian Dawn Mason got into this van to check on him.

“Unfortunately, lymphoma can be one of the more common cancers we see in our animals today,” stated Mason.

“After a dog show, I was grooming him and I felt like a big ball,” Cobb recalled.

Norman was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma, a tumor in his back leg. The prognosis wasn't good; without treatment he would likely only live several weeks.

“First course of treatment is chemotherapy, which we started right away.”

But the cure rate was only about three percent, something Cobb couldn't accept.

“He is my child, he is my best friend, he is my partner,” Cobb shared.

She searched for a better option that lead her to Los Angeles and one of three places in the country that performs bone marrow transplants on dogs.

“The chance for a cure was up to 60 percent,” Cobb said. “His sister, who lives in Washington state, drove down 17 hours to donate her stems cells for Norman.”

There were complications.

“Initially it was supposed to be only about $42,000, but then you had all the complications,” she said. “He was needing daily platelet transfusions. It was supposed to be 18 days. It turned into 67 days.

Now back home with her best friend, Cobb is trying to figure out how she will pay for it all. So far, she has raised about $30,000. Karen hopes her 8-year-old dog will now live until at least 14 or 15 years old.

If you would like to learn about Norman or help with his medical expenses, click here.

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