ATLANTA (CBS46) — Neighbors in Atlanta are warning each other about careless delivery drivers as Christmas packages are sent out.

Security footage from a home in East Atlanta caught a delivery driver, who had driven right past a mail box, carelessly throwing a package on a homeowners front yard, 13 steps from the front door.

“It was obviously delivered without any care whatsoever. They could’ve just put it in the mailbox, 'cause it was right there. It was an item that would have fit in the mailbox,” said Nicole Tavarez, whose camera caught the driver.

Tavarez said that luckily it wasn’t anything fragile.

At this time of the year, porch pirates are extra active and was a concern for Tavarez considering the package was dumped next to the sidewalk.

“I’ve gotten packages stolen before and I know that happens probably pretty regularly here, it’s such an easy grab it’s just right there on the sidewalk.” 

Many have just enjoyed some of the best deals of the year for Christmas, shopping during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Meaning many packages will have to be delivered and it’s something Tavarez wants people to be aware of.

“I decided to post it on Nextdoor just so the neighbors could be aware of how packages are being delivered and if they have something important being delivered to look out for it.”

She’s not the only person in east Atlanta either to post about delivery drivers careless acts.

A FedEx delivery driver was caught on camera at least taking the package to the door, but not with care. The driver ditched the package against the door with force. The homeowner even called the person out for throwing the package.

FedEx in a statement said the behavior of the driver is not acceptable and they are looking into the matter.

LaserShip is the company that delivered Tavarez's package. CBS46 reached out to the company but is yet to hear back from them.

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