CARROLLTON, Ga. (CBS46) -- “I thought why somebody would make a video like this just for like entertainment purposes,” Juan Nievs said.

Carrollton High School student Juan Nievs said he was shocked to see a racist TikTok video made by two of his classmates.

“I walk through the halls with those folks and to see that they think about us like that.... it made me angry,” Nievs told CBS46.

In the racist viral TikTok video the two CHS students use derogatory "ingredients" like not having a father and stealing to make black people while using the N-word.

“I was mad, like angry,” Terrell Carmichael said. Carmichael knows both students in the video. “They would not normally talk like this, it was a complete surprise to everybody in our school.” 

After the video was released, Carrollton High School’s principal, David Brooks, launched an investigation.

In a statement he said, “Even if the offending incident was recorded after-school hours, it doesn’t alleviate the students’ responsibility to uphold a high standard of behavior.”

Carrollton City School’s Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus said he “was deeply disturbed by the overt racist tone of the TikTok video.”  As a result, the district expelled both students by 3 pm Friday.

“That was the best way to handle it in my opinion,” Nievs said.

The City of Carrollton released the following statement: 

"This week a video was posted to social media by two members of our Carrollton community. The video depicts two Carrollton High School students using racist stereotypes and disparaging language to put down other members of our community. The video has been picked up by media outlets across the country and gone viral.

Mayor Cason and the Carrollton City Council are saddened and embarrassed that this video was made. Carrollton is an incredible city with a diverse population. We do not believe this reflects the character of our community. We do, however, believe in the power of this community to recognize and stand up in the face of evil. We publicly denounce this video and ask that we come together in kindness, understanding, and mutual respect."

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This is shameful. Don't play with the feelings of others just for fun. I really condemn this act and I choose premieressay to manage the task. Concepts like this should not be flourished so that harmony can grow among humanity.

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