CARROLLTON, Ga. (CBS46) -- Carrollton students returned to school on Tuesday and schools are already dealing with upset parents.

“I’m shocked,” said a mother whose daughter is a junior at Carrollton Highschool.

Shocked because of the school district’s decision to allow student-athletes who have been exposed to the coronavirus to continue training and using extracurricular facilities.

“The decision made is, I don't believe is correct,” said a father whose son is a football player.

The School district told CBS46 reporter Jamie Kennedy that a Carrollton Highschool football player tested positive for COVID-19. He’s now in quarantine for two weeks and not allowed to attend in-person learning or any other activities associated with the school.

The school also said that students that have come into close contact with the infected student are also being quarantined for two weeks, and though they are not allowed to participate in in-person learning, they are allowed to continue participating in school sports.

“I don’t think it’s right if you’re quarantined from school you should be quarantined from all extracurricular activities,” said a mother who was going to watch her son play football at Carrollton High.

In a statement the school said, "In extracurriculars, social distancing is easier to maintain, students are often outside in fresh air or in very large spaces, and are moving around rather than remaining static."

Parents on the whole said the high school has been great at implementing social distancing measures including making masks mandatory. They even have a three strike rule; if you break protocols the school will make the student learn virtually.

With all those safety measures in place parents don't know why the school has taken the decision on extracurricular activities.

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Such a risky decision made by them. They must not allowed them to participate in the show. As the poandemic is increasing and there is the danger for the lives of the others as well and visit to finish their tasks. The school administration must take action regarding this decision.

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