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The 2018 general election is just six weeks away and the candidates for governor are pulling no punches.

Attack ads are running almost non-stop and it's getting ugly.

Recently, Brian Kemp's campaign approved an ad leveling strong accusations against Stacey Abrams, saying she voted for legislation to let sexual predators work next to schools and childcare facilities.

Not only that, she even voted to take pictures of our children.

Did Abrams really do that? CBS46 fact-checked the claim.

First, Abrams did not vote for that. She voted no to a bill that would restrict where sexual offenders and sexually dangerous predators could live, work, volunteer or hang out. A total of 8 state house lawmakers and 22 members of the state senate also voted no.

Abrams called the ad "a disgusting attempt to mislead Georgians.

“The law already prohibited convicted sexual predators from being within 1000 feet of places where children congregate,” said Marina Peed, executive director and CEO of Mosaic Georgia.

The organization Mosaic Georgia helps sexual assault victims, including children. The organization is non-partisan and is not taking a position in the governor's race.

“They sound good on paper, but how do they impact the safety and wellness of children in our communities,” asked Peed.

CBS46 asked Peed wouldn't it have been better to vote the legislation into law?

“The more specific you get, the more challenging it gets,” continued Peed. “For example, school bus stops change from year to year. And there are other details. Sometimes, you can get too detailed in a legislation.”

But what about voting to let predators take pictures of children?

“Certainly, we don't want people taking inappropriate pictures of children. The question is, how is that monitored? How is that enforced?” asked Peed.

And if these bills don't ring a bell, you're not alone. You have to magnify the tiny print. This is legislation from 2008, 10 years ago.

Our fact checking will continue until Election Day. We’ll take a look at an ad attacking Republican candidate Brian Kemp Tuesday night on CBS46 News at 11 p.m.

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