ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- A City of Atlanta worker reached out to CBS46 after becoming aware of an 84-year-old veteran who is living with a dangerous situation and in need of our help. 

Robert Mabray says every step he takes to go in and out of his home is dangerous, in fact he has already fallen twice.

"I hit the concrete up here" said Mabray pointing to his head. "But I had that fur hat on, so it didn’t skin me up. I laid there then got up and my granddaughter said Papa you ok and I said I'm aright."

The Korean War veteran went into more detail about the scary moments he fell down the stairs while trying to leave his home, but that wasn't the only time he fell.

"When I stepped down I hit, and I kept going. Bang! I laid there awhile then I got up and then three weeks ago they called all my folks saying granddad fell down the steps again."

The 84-year-old says the metal frame that once secured the concrete steps rusted and is now falling apart.

"This house was built in 1970 and they had the iron steps and the iron that goes across the bottom, rust got in it and the more you step down the weaker it gets" added Mabray.

But the issue isn’t just a concern for Mabray, City of Atlanta Water Shed employee Gilbert Clay says while in the area working he saw the condition of the stairs and he knew something had to be done.

"As an inspector part of my job is to notice things and what I noticed was his front steps were falling apart and I thought that as a senior he needed some help. I couldn’t personally do it but I made a promise that I was going reach out and see who I could find to help," said Gilbert.

So he contacted CBS46 and we contacted America Legion Post 516 who agreed to help with the repairs.

"When this happens I just want to wish him a merry Christmas," said Clay.

The goal is to have the stairs repaired in the coming weeks. To volunteer or donate contact post 516, clicking here.

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