ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- “This is just one of the bathrooms“, said veteran Wyley Slater as he described the gaping hole that is causing his toilet, shower, and floor to fall through the ground below.

“We’ve been staying here for over 25 years and we had a leak in the wall but we didn’t know we had a leak in the wall,” added Slater.

Without their knowledge, the leak eroded the wall, framing, and flooring and what resulted was both of his bathrooms caving in.

”See it, I had to cover it with plywood so we don’t cut our foot, and it’s sinking in right here also,” said Slater. “I had to put wood down so we don’t fall in but I have already slipped in here and hurt my shoulder.”

A year ago Slater filed a claim with State Farm insurance but it has since been denied, and with nowhere else to turn, he reached out to CBS46.

”I don’t say too much about it. We deal with it the best way we can. I’m glad you're doing this for us," said Slater to reporter Bobeth Yates.

CBS46 is working with several contractors in hopes of getting results for the veteran.

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this veteran made the mistake of having State Farm for insurance. I had it decades ago and found out before it became critical that they are full of fecal matter when it comes to claims

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