CBS46 learns of investigation into possible miscast ballots

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CBS46 learned Thursday about a new investigation into possible miscast ballots in the May election.

The Secretary of State's Office is looking into why some voters in Dekalb County received ballots for districts they don't even live in. We've also learned that the problem goes back to the 2012 elections.

"At first, I thought it was just me - that maybe it was just an individual screw-up," said Stephe Koontz.

But voter, Stephe Koontz, who also happens to be a Doraville City councilmember, knew she was not in State House District 79 - even though that's what her ballot said. She knew she should have been voting in State House District 81.

And, now, CBS46 has learned that nearly 700 voters in Dekalb County may have also received the wrong ballots in the May election. That's according to a letter State Rep. Scott Holcomb sent to the Secretary of State's office.

"And what I want to know is, one - when did this happen? Two - Who did it? And three - what is the immediate plan to make sure that it is fixed?"

Koontz complained not only on Election Day and got contradictory information. She also complained to Dekalb County's Voter Registration Office.

"They came out - after about 10-15 minutes - they came out and said, yes. You're right. Your info in our database is wrong."

A spokeswoman for Secretary of State Brian Kemp confirms an investigation was opened by his office Thursday. A spokesman for Dekalb County says Board of registration and elections was made aware in may 2018 that in 2012 it had improperly redistricted some voters in house district 79. The voters should have been in House District 81." "I'm realizing that because of some of these discrepancies on voter registrations, people's votes aren't counting," said Koontz.

"In terms of how it happened, that's the million dollar question," said Holcomb.

The Secretary of State's spokeswoman did give us this number. She says Kemp is encouraging anyone who thinks they were given the wrong ballot to report it. The number is 404-656-2871 or

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